The heart of Samai rum making

It all starts with locally grown sugarcane, nurtured by a warm Cambodian sun and fertile soil.

Only selected high-quality molasses coming from this sugarcane is used to produce the rich and complex base of all Samai premium rums.

This very specific signature profile is carefully developed through each stage of our rum making process by our team of experts: from fermentation to labelling, we own every single step of the rum production to ensure a spirit of exceptional quality.


Used to produce the sweet molasses that defines the complex base of all our premium rums.

Red Kampot pepper

Considered one of the most aromatic and delicious peppers in the world, red Kampot pepper gives our Samai Kampot Pepper Rum a crispy and sweet aroma with just the right kick.

Organic honey

Coming from the diverse floral regions of North-East Cambodia, a natural honey with beautiful woody notes that perfectly highlights the oak flavours in our Samai Gold Rum.


Converting sugar into alcohol

Our fermentation combines sugar-rich molasses and water with yeast, converting it into alcohol and flavour compounds.

This process takes place under carefully controlled conditions. After several days, a fermented mash is obtained, ready to be distilled.


Releasing the true flavours of Samai rums

Using both traditional copper pots and column stills for distillation, the alcohol rises producing a pure liquid whilst keeping the rich character of the raw ingredients intact.

The copper pot still creates a flavourful and intense rum, while the column still produces a smooth and lighter rum.

Both of these raw spirits are then ready to be aged for perfection.


Patience is the key

Samai rums are aged in a wide variety of new and old barrels including French & American oak, ex-bourbon and sherry with each giving its very own distinctive touch to the distilled rum.

Over the years, this interaction between the wood and the rum provides a natural golden color and develops smooth, complex and rich aromas.

Evolving in complexity with each passing day, the aged liquids will be carefully tasted, selected and blended by our master distiller.


Subtle combination

When blending, the key to creating each of our premium rums relies fully on taste. We choose different barrels, making sure to sample each of them.

Only the selected barrels are blended to the desired taste, bringing down the alcohol levels to preference to create our final spirits.

The blend rests before the last stages of bottling and labelling.


Meticulous, hand-bottled

When Samai’s distinctive flavour profile is achieved, each bottle is labelled and individually numbered in-house.