The beginning of an adventure

Known for the richness of its natural resources, Cambodia has an abundance of top quality sugarcane; perfect to produce the thick caramel molasses which forms the base of all our Samai rums.

Yet nobody had explored these possibilities. Bringing the Latin traditions of rum production to its Asian roots, our founders and team began their mission to create Cambodia’s first premium rum distillery and brand from scratch.

Gathering a team of passionate experts, Ms. Moang Darachampich, the first rum master distiller in the kingdom, joined the adventure to create the exquisite rums that you know today.

'Samai' - A new generation of spirit

Back in 2014, the founders were seeking to create a brand that represented their vision for the new spirit they wanted to produce. Falling in love with Cambodia, they saw the potential of a passionate and entrepreneurial new generation working towards a better vision for their country.

Sharing the same beliefs, they were looking for a name that represented the potential and dreams of this new generation.

The Khmer word 'Samai' made perfect sense - amongst many of its significations, 'Samai' is 'modern', a 'new generation' and a 'look towards the future'. Samai rums were born - the first generation of rums in Cambodia.

Premium quality, people and passion

Our mission is to elevate and share the craft of distilling premium Asian spirits worldwide, using high-quality, locally grown ingredients, innovation and passion.

Samai rums are produced by a team coming from different cultures but sharing the same enthusiasm for hand-crafted spirits.

It is a rum that Cambodians can take pride in; a rum that we are proud to share with the world.